Throughout my career as an artist, I have come to realize that symbolic figures emanate certain energies that inspire me in my work. In my view, such figures as a red cross, yin and yang, and a peace mark, are simplified and selected in such a way that they convey many important meanings as well.

In 1995, there was a large earthquake in my hometown of Kobe, Japan. The disaster killed thousands of people, and during the time of darkness that followed, people all over Japan, and not only the victims directly affected by the earthquake, searched for a way to heal themselves. I was no exception. The entire incident disrupted my physical and mental well-being. I was almost at the point of nervous breakdown, but found hope to recover when I inadvertently noticed a red cross in a hospital. To me, it appeared that the color and shape alone of a red cross had the power to heal. This experience led me to explore and experiment with symbolic figures and to create artwork using a red cross, yin and yang and a peace mark. My art is my message to the world, which reflects my sensitivities about life. With the power of symbolic figures and the addition of artificial or other ingredients, I attempt to complete this message to my contemporaries. For me, these same principles also hold true in the use of color. I perceive an inherent energy possessed by primary colors. Expressing the spontaneous motivations I feel in my life on white canvas and portraying this ineffable power accurately are some of the themes that I am working with at this moment.